What are the protection guidelines for stainless steel underwater lights?

The high-power underwater lamp uses high-power LED as the light-emitting component, which is a new generation of green high-tech lighting products. The high-power underwater light has a stunning underwater projection capability, which can illuminate the water surface with beautiful colors, which will be especially suitable for water surface illumination, as well as wall and display products.

The high-power underwater light is equipped with 9 high-power and high-brightness LEDs of red, green and blue. Each LED is equipped with a concentrating lens. The illumination distance is up to 12 meters. Through the control of the controller, 256*256*256, 16777216 kinds can be generated. The light of the color changes, producing a variety of patterns, so that the water surface presents a multi-modal, colorful scene.

The protection policy of stainless steel underwater lamps is divided into two aspects: dustproof and waterproof. The IEC standard rules and the international common protection signs are as follows:

1, dustproof level: national standard rules, the dustproof level of the lamps is divided into 6 levels. In the meantime, the sixth level is high, and the dustproof level of the LED underwater light should reach the sixth level and its symbol is: IP6X.

2, waterproof rating: national standard rules, the waterproof rating of the lamps is divided into 8 levels. The sixth stage is water splash type, the seventh stage is watertight type, and the eighth stage is pressurized watertight type. The eighth grade is high, and the waterproof rating of the stainless steel underwater light should reach the level 8 requirement, and the symbol is IPX8.

The underwater light manufacturer's stainless steel underwater light uses a better super bright LED as the light source, and the light bulb can emit 100,000 hours. Each underwater light consists of 360 light sources (120 red light, 120 blue light, 120 green light). Good light source materials allow the lamp to last longer and achieve satisfactory lighting.

The stainless steel underwater light is connected to the control system using a five-core cable. The entire system consists of a DMX controller, a distribution box and lamps and distributions that can be placed in the water. The entire luminaire is perfectly combined. The stainless steel underwater light has a movable clip that adjusts the projection angle and position. The entire luminaire is designed to prevent bromine and chlorine attack.

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