Underwater lamp manufacturers talk about the importance of water safety

Underwater lamp manufacturers LED underwater lights are underwater lights produced by LED technology. Compared with traditional underwater lights, LED underwater lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the lights are more varied and decorative, and they are widely used in various landscape lighting systems. However, as a manufacturer of underwater lights, some problems in the installation of LED underwater lights require special attention.

1. LED underwater light should be powered by DC constant current power supply. Under the constant current power supply control, the forward voltage drop of the LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED underwater light, and LED underground light will become smaller as the temperature of the LED chip increases. This situation is for the LED underwater light. It doesn't have much impact. However, if it is a constant voltage drive, the LED underwater light chip will continue to increase with the increase of temperature, and in severe cases, the LED underwater light may even be burned. Therefore, the LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply.

2, need to do anti-static measures. LED underwater light products should adopt certain anti-static measures during processing and installation, such as: workbench should be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, and with anti-static gloves, etc., can be installed under conditions Anti-static ion fan, also ensure that the air humidity during installation is about 65%, so as to avoid the air being too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, the anti-static ability of LEDs of different quality grades is also different, and the anti-static ability of LED underwater lamps with high quality grades is stronger.

3, pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with the problem of moisture and sealing. This is especially true for LED underwater lights. Poor handling of sealing problems will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.

Whether it is a mounted (supported underwater light) or an installed (embedded underwater light), a cable of 0.6-1 meters should be reserved to avoid the need to drain the water in the pool when the lamp is in trouble. The lamp is broken. From the water, the lamp can be mentioned on the water surface to replace the wiring and wiring for waterproof treatment.

Domestic design and construction specifications should conduct detailed research on the safety of waterscapes, and develop strict and feasible specifications to ensure personal safety. The author believes that in the waterscape without isolation, easy access or strong participation, the 12 volt safety voltage must be used according to the swimming pool power design specification. The lamp body should be completely shielded in the high-intensity lamp housing, and the lamp housing should be reliable. In the pool, the location of the luminaire should also be protected by objects such as pipeline nozzles. If the transmission distance is long, the output voltage should be increased to compensate for the voltage drop loss of the cable. Insulation should be ensured between the high and low voltage windings of the transformer. The primary secondary should be separated as much as possible, and the transformer core should be grounded. When the installation power of the luminaire is large, consider setting up the transformer near the waterscape. When high-voltage lamps such as metal halide lamps must be used for special needs, an isolation transformer must also be used. In any case, a leakage protection switch must be used to ensure personal safety.

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